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ST6 Flower Pollen Extract The secret Behind Our Healthy Skin Tea

ST6 Flower Pollen extract is the secret behind our Healthy Skin tea!    ST6 flower pollen extract is harvested directly from different species of specific plants, and processed by proprietary technology, which eliminates potential contamination, impurities, and allergens unlike bee pollen. The ST6 flower extract contains superior antioxidants, which eliminates damaging free radicals by lowering the high rate of oxidization of healthy cells within the body. ST6 Flower Pollen extract has been shown to have more antioxidants than bee pollen and many fruits and vegetables! ST6 Flower Pollen extracts combine over 39 essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that body needs to fight off toxins. Besides containing antioxidants to help fight off free radicals, ST6 also increases a persons physical and...

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14 day Detox challenge

Keep your body healthy and active with our natural Detox tea program. A healthy person stays energetic and keeps their immune system strong. We can help you to stay healthy by offering our Energy and Detox teas full of high-performing ingredients, designed to boost your energy and naturally detox your body.Weight Loss & Fat Burning: The natural ingredients in our Detox Tea can help to burn fat and promote the loss of stubborn body fat in areas like the belly hips and thighs!Boost your immune system: The natural ingredients in our Detox Tea can help BOOST your overall immune system. This will help to protect you from getting flu and colds throughout the year!Antimicrobial properties: Our Detox Tea contains powerful...

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